About us

We, the Selkirk People, exercise our inherent right of Self Government, and having aboriginal rights, title and interest since the beginning of time in a vast area of land, provide for ourselves a basis for our First Nation, for our law and for our government, in order to assure for ourselves today and for countless generations in the future, protection of our language and culture, and a life that fulfills our uniqueness as human beings and sustains our well being.
–Selkirk First Nation Constitution Preamble-

Long ago, the people of the Selkirk First Nation were known as the Hućha Hudän people, meaning Flatland People. The reason for the Flatland name was because of the landscape in Fort Selkirk, where the land is flat on both sides of the river. In those days, the community depended heavily on the land and each other for survival. There were no roads, no planes and no vehicles, people travelled by foot over long distances for ceremonies, celebrations, trading and hunting. There were no textbooks, children learned by listening and practise. Passed down by their parents and grandparents, the children would learn essential survival skills and the history of their people, culture and laws. Today, our people still carry on this practice. Although the modern world has made it’s footprint in our lives, we still rely heavily on the land for survival.

Our citizenship population is approximately 663 and growing every year. About 40% of the citizens reside in Pelly Crossing while the other 60% live elsewhere in the Yukon and across Canada.

Through our rich history, culture and traditions, we, the Selkirk people, are striving to become a self sufficient First Nation. Since the beginning of time, our people have used our land for healing, nurturing and guidance. Our footsteps today still walk alongside our ancestors in practicing our traditional lifestyles and will continue for generations to come. Please stay with us a while and listen to our Elders tell stories, learn our native tongue, get the latest updates or simply browse around and get to know us better. Ededeja’ ,hata,taw’ da’tthi,” – Mussi Cho