Selkirk First Nation

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“Home of the Northern Tutchone People”


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Welcome to the Official Website of the Selkirk First Nation

If you would like to Login as an SFN Member, please contact April Baker, Communications Officer. You will need your "J number" (your SFN Registry Number); if you don't know it, you can get it from Jerry Alfred, Enrollment Officer. Your J number is different from your status number. 

Communications is currently working with all SFN departments to update the department's information, programs and services. Thank you for your patience as we work on this. The new SFN Website is scheduled to launch April 2015! 

See the Home page for all notices as well as the current/latest news and events.

During February and March 2015, the Selkirk First Nation government will conduct a survey focusing on SFN Citizens’ living conditions.  SFN Citizens 16 years and older living in Pelly Crossing and all Yukon communities will be interviewed.  Your participation in the survey is vital to help us better serve you and achieve our strategic priorities. 


The SFN survey will provide important information on the living conditions of SFN Citizens.  The answers will help paint a picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the community and provide information to help SFN government to improve on key areas.


The individual responses of all participants will be confidential and anonymous. The Yukon Bureau of Statistic will work with SFN to ensure that these conditions are fully respected and strictly enforced.


Please click here for the official letter to SFN Citizens, which will also be in the mail.

And please click here to view our awesome poster!

 I would like to REMIND ALL SFN Citizens to please keep your address updated with SFN's Enrolment Office. Thank you!