7 Most Popular Armoured cars of 2017

No one will deny the fact that the world is becoming a highly dangerous place. People are facing threats from all corners. Hence, an increasing need for safety and security is being felt while traveling. When traveling on the road, armoured car can be of great help.

Everyone Needs an Armoured Car

Whether you are a politician or a celebrity, army officer or a businessman; you might feel vulnerable at a certain point of time. While one can remain safe in their home; it might not be the same while on the roads. Perhaps, for this reason, the demand for armoured vehicles is increasing rapidly.
If you are looking for an armoured car, this blog will guide you with some popular selection of armored vehicles.
1. Toyota Land Cruiser
It is one of the best armored sports utility vehicles that are available on the market. The comfort doesn’t get compromised going by the rugged look of the car. It is basically a tank which is disguised in the form of a family vehicle. It is built using lightweight technology and comes with run-flat tires, BR6 glasses, reinforced door hinges, etc.
armoured car

2. Mercedes-Maybach M600
This armoured car is known for its luxury. It is ideal for politicians and celebrities who is looking for security but not compromising any luxury. It makes use of lightweight armoring technique and comes with composite materials. it offers BR7 ballistic protection and run-flat tires.
armoured cars

3. Range Rover Sentinel
It is popular among athletes and celebrities. Security features has been beefed up for this vehicle and now it offers a host of security features. It can protect from any kind of ballistic threats and even from any kind of grenade blasts. It also features armored privacy glass, run-flat tires, and tamper-proof exhaust system.
armored car.

range rover

4. Mercedes Benz S-Guard
Apparently, this vehicle might look like a common Mercedez but it is not so. It makes use of a steel and ceramic composite material so that the passengers can remain safe. It also features bulletproof windows. The axles, brakes, and suspension is strengthened and armored to resist any threats. The run-flat tires can help to escape any dangerous situation.

5. Mercedes Benz G63 AMG
This armoured car gives the look that it is already armored. However, manufacturing company like INKAS has improved it so that occupants can remain safe inside. It offers BR6 level of armoring and can easily bear gunfire, grenade blasts, etc.

armoured car
6. INKAS GMC Yukon Denali

It can’t be considered as a luxury car but it offers a great level of armoring. It comes with BR6 armoring, LED strobe lights, sirens, 6.2 liter V8 engine, and PA system which is ideal for detecting threats.
armoured car

7. Trasco BMW Series
It is another armored vehicle which doesn’t compromise on the luxury. It comes with three forms of armoring and it can easily withstand rifle fire. The improved suspension can easily handle the extra weight of the vehicle. Improved brakes can easily stop the car at any time.

The world is becoming a dangerous place with increasing amount of kidnapping, sabotage, murder, and so on. So if you want to remain protected from any kind of assaults, you can get any one of this armoured car for you.